Selenium automation testing software

Selenium is an automated testing tool that tests web applications. Selenium is used for functional and regression testing of. Before i go any further, let me clear out that, software testing is of two types. It is quite similar to hp quick test pro qtp now uft only that selenium focuses on automating webbased appl. Getting started with selenium for automated website testing the. Furthermore, it will also give you a brief insight on an automation testing tool i. An integrated development environment eclipse, netbeans etc. The following selenium testing software services are provided by 360logica. We are much delighted to launch our yet another series of software testing training tutorials. In this free selenium training tutorial, we cover all selenium concepts basic selenium scripts to advanced testing framework in detail with easy to understand practical examples. Selenium has critically changed the automation testing history but there are some selenium alternatives that are good to try.

Selenium is a free open source automated testing suite for web. Selenium grid on cloud online selenium test automation. What is the best tool for me to get my tests automated. Thus selenium core javascript program cannot access the elements from an. Selenium is one of the automation testing tools which is an open source tool. Software testing tutorials and automation a blog on selenium tutorial, selenium webdriver tutorial, selenium ide tutorial, appium tutorial, selenium grid tutorial. Selenium ide, a firefox addon that you can only use in creating relatively simple test cases and test suites. Selenium webdriver is open source software testing tool which supports many different browsers. Selenium tutorial for beginners selenium automation testing. The belief behind introducing this tutorial is to make you an expert in one of the widely used software test automation solution, selenium.

Selenium is a beneficial tool because it is not only open source but also a portable software testing framework for web applications that support. Selenium automation testing selenium testing framework. Primarily it is for automating web applications for testing purposes, but. If you want to create quick bug reproduction scripts, create scripts to aid in automationaided exploratory testing, then you want to use selenium ide. Selenium is a new and booming technology in software industry that helps you automate the testing of your applications. There are a few prerequisites to be in place before creating selenium rc scripts. It is quite similar to hp quick test pro qtp now uft only that selenium focuses on automating webbased applications.

Selenium ide is a complete integrated development environment ide for selenium tests. Selenium is composed of several components with each taking on a specific role in aiding the development of web application test automation. Selenium ide commands with examples there are many commands available in selenium ide software testing tool. Selenium software is not just a single tool but a suite of software, each. Summary the entire selenium tool suite is comprised of four components. Selenium automation testing irrespective of the web applications. It is implemented as a firefox addon and as a chrome extension. Selenium remote control, also known as selenium 1, which is the first selenium tool that allowed users to use. At the same time, simon stewart at thoughtworks developed a superior browser automation tool called webdriver.

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