E3131 huawei linux driver

Aug, 2012 hi ppl recently i bought huawei hilink with the main goal to make my own sms getaway. The driver here is for the huawei 3g e series and tested with the huawei e31 3g dongle on windows 7 64bit. Contact huawei service center for answers on warranty and system updates. W31 debug file system and device will switch to 12d1.

Arch linux arm view topic huawei e31 3g usb modem issue. I have an issue with my huawei e31 3g usb modem connected to beaglebone. The driver will load automatically and a new network interface eth1. In order to unlock huawei e31, you would need to generate unique unlock codes. Download mobiibroadband 3g e31 modem dongle dashboard. I plug it in, and after 2520 seconds the status light turns green and blinks twice every 3 seconds, which according to the manual means that the stick is activated and waiting to connect to a network. Download latest huawei modem drivers 64 bit and 32 bit for.

So first thing to do is to install your operator software on available on the dongle, then download and install the bellow software by sfr. To provide accurate product information, specifications, and features, huawei may make realtime adjustments to the preceding specifications, so that they match the product performance, specifications, indexes, and components of the actual product. Huawei e169 drivers for windows huawei umg 587 drivers for windows huawei e3236 drivers for windows huawei e1820 drivers for windows huawei ascend mate 7 update and firmware huawei e1552 drivers for windows huawei e182e drivers for windows huawei e226 drivers for windows huawei e1756 drivers for windows huawei e3370 drivers for windows. Hope youve enjoyed reading this tutorial as much ive enjoyed writing it. Fast and easy free download huawei mobile broadband e31 drivers driver tool zip file in few seconds stable release. Furthermore, the application cant identify linux or macintosh.

Huawei 3g driver problem on windows 7 64bit solution e31. Today, i had written about unlocking procedures of mobiibroadband 3g e31 modem dongle datacard in this article. This document describes how i got the huawei umts usb stick e169 to peacefully work with linux and how to connect to eplus acting as isp. Jun 18, 20 configure huawei modem in fedora linux published by jigar patel on june 18, 20 huawei linux tutorial specially dedicated to the linux geeks, in this you can find the detailed tutorial with all needed screen shots on configuration of huawei modem in fedora linux. Modem manager gui sudo aptget install modemmanagergui os. Ive managed to get a huawei e31 3g dongle working on the pi and. Huawei mobile broadband e31 drivers free download last version.

Apr 20, 2020 download huawei modem drivers, firmware, bios, tools, utilities. Put linux mint 12 32 bit gnome on and had problems wth the desktop displaying due to the. The package provides the installation files for huawei 3g modem driver version 2. How to install and configure huawei e353 usb modem on ubuntu. It works normally on windows but id like to be able to use it on my ubuntu system as well. Python i know or java i dont know, how do i get that to work in linux. Also you can download driver files previous versions on this official site. My preference is to have the modem managed by connman and ofono. Mobile huawei e31 impossible to install using windows xp. I am trying to install a huawei usb modem ms2372h on a colibri imx7d 1gb som and colibri evaluation board v3.

May 10, 20 hi i have bought an mobile huawei e31 3g and i tried many times to install it unfortunately the driver is not recognized by windows xp. Huawei e31 is one of the best 21m usb modem for 3g or 4g networks. Mobile applications are offered in the form of immediate messaging apps, download drivers for huawei apps, antivirus apps, mobile phone monitoring apps and lots of others alike. Install driver for huawei usb modem on linux ubuntu 14 04. Installation 1 in the inside memory of the dongle there is the driver for both windows and linux, there is a way to make the devise appears as usb storage and this is done by using usb mode switch application but you can install the driver from here. The setup of this application is stored in its inbuilt memory. Open and extract the package of the linux driver tool for huawei data card device on the desktop. Preparation before unlock e31 before we help you generate your own huawei e31 unlock code, lets cover the basics. The product version is stated to be e31s2 on the product description paper. For windows system it autoruns and prompts to install the setup as soon as you plug your usb dongle. For more information on this you may refer windows 8 compatibility center. Huawei dongle e31 is not listed in the windows 8 compatible center.

Dla testu nabylem ow modem, wlozylem do usb, dodalem wpis do nf i dziala. So thats all i can write about how to install and configure huawei e353 usb modem on ubuntu and fix modem not detected. That would entail using linux pc to do so or can it be done using windows os. Google finds a lot of material about using this modem with linux, but none of. I am trying to use a huawei e31 usb 3g modem on a raspberry pi. Home support guides internet access nodemobile data huawei e31 3g modem nodemobile data configuration for huawei e31 3g modems this guide is suitable for huawei e31 3g usb modems. If your huawei e31 driver for windows 10 phone is broken and its the only phone which you have, its understandably frustrating. So it may not be compatible with windows 8 operating system. I have a huawei e173 usb stick to access the internet. This can be done by using a huawei code calculator for free. Today, i got the dashboard software and firmware update also for mobiibroadband 3g e31 modem dongle, which download link is provided at the end of the article.

Setting up mobile broadband with huawei e31 opensuse. Huawei linux driver download and installation published by jigar patel on june 18, 20 we have already covered setting huawei data card in ubuntu linux, and this post you can find detailed tutorial to setting up huawei 3g data card in the linux along with the huawei linux driver. By joining our community you will have the ability to post topics, receive our newsletter, use the advanced search, subscribe to threads and access many other special features. Select all ifconfig eth1 select all allowhotplug eth0 iface eth0 inet dhcp. I am trying to use a huawei e31 usb 3g modem on a raspberry pi system using raspbian debian 8 and modemmanager. Huawei linux driver installation guide free download. The interface provides free huawei unlock code, which you can supply to your modem and use it with any other sim afterward. Apart from gaming apps, shopping application is commonly used throughout the world. Oct 22, 2014 this feature is not available right now. Hi, i have a huawei e3372h153 4g usb dongle which i use with ubuntu 16. The only thing missing is the ability to open ports on the 3g connection so i can connect in to motion or to apache. Jan 02, 2019 huawei e31 linux driver download fri oct 11, 7. This tutorial explains two solutions on how to setup usb broadband modem devices on your linux system. The preceding specifications are theoretical values based on product design.

No ip for usb 3g modem huawei e31 using modemmanager. Is it a good idea to install huawei s own drivers for e3372h on 16. Open the terminal tool and switch the user into super user root. It plugs into the usb port and comes complete with an extension cord. It is designed to usb supported computers and laptops including apples mac. I have an issue with my huawei e31 3g usb modem connected to beaglebone black. All attributes matched mode switching was successful, found 12d1. What does install modem usb huawey e31 on raspbian. The stick is a hsdpa umts gprs gsm modem for mobile access to the internet. I have only clear installation of raspbian wheezy and its my first time with linux. Our unlocked e31 huawei modem can support most mobile networks world widely.

Because i couldnt find any posts confirming this, im writing this one. Configure huawei modem in fedora linux huawei usb modem. Programming and installing huawei hilink e31 under linux. And windows 8 driver are not available from the manufacturer website. I did a lot of research huawei e31 linux the web, huawei e31 linux across and read wikis and other users asking about similar issues, and tried the solutions, installed many many packages in arch linux, but unfortunately nothing worked huawe me to simply connect with the modem which. I have two of those modems, and while they look the same, to the system they seem. Visit online support to quickly get support on products, after sales service,software updates,answers to faqs and troubleshooting tips. Download huawei usb drivers for all models latest driver.

Let us know about more useful mozilla firefox extension by comment below this post. However, when connected via passive usb hub, everything works as expected. In the store today, i wanted to check that the huawei e3331 3g usb dongle i was about to buy would work with my ubuntu linux laptops. Modems comes with outdated software and drivers and one need to keep it updated manually.

It also allows you to flash or install huawei stock firmware on your huawei device using the preloader drivers. As you might already know, huawei e31 is a popular wifi modem that can be readily used as a wifi hotspot as well. Problem is the same on huawei e31 linux computer with slackware huawei e on wheezy wed jan 23, 9. Huawei e31 wireless usb dongle setup ubuntu forums. How to install huawei mobile usb driver on windows 10, 8, 7. If i put my sim card into my old modem e31 everything works, e3272 is just not detected. But huawei e31 3g usb donle seems to be better than e353. If the driver is already installed on your system, updating overwriteinstalling may fix various issues, add new functions, or just upgrade to the available version. Except the external antenna port, huawei e31 is more slim and could connect network in less time than e353. The led is blue signaling the 3g connection is working.

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