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We help you plan your trip to costa rica with unique maps of costa rica road map. Costa rica maps visit costa rica costa rica tourism. A conservation priority map was elaborated overlaying layers of maps of species. Costa rica map printable pdf download click the image for a larger version or download the free printable pdf map here. Thats an overwhelming amount of diversity held within such a small country, and not forgetting that 25% of it is protected. Incluso puede descargarlos o imprimirlos en formato pdf. When you have eliminated the javascript, whatever remains must be an empty page. Cbd fourth national report costa rica spanish version. En esta seccion encontrara folletos sobre parques nacionales, naturaleza y ecoturismo en costa rica. One thing thats certain is that costa rica is a center for biological diversity. Click thumbnails above for the large jpg map image or detailed, printable, zoomable pdf map. The handy printable highway map of costa rica includes a table of driving distances and an alphabetical index of grid coordinates for most cities and towns and features national parks, reserves and wildlife refuges.

Costa rica is a central american country with a land area of 51,100 sq km and a population of nearly 3. V informe nacional al convenio sobre diversidad biologica. Summary of the socioeconomic situation in costa rica1. The acg dry forest ecosystem cannot be conserved without also conserving the cloud forest and rain forest at its eastern end. Costa rica maps visit costa rica costa rica tourism official. Find information about weather, road conditions, routes with driving directions, places and things to do in your destination. Alberto poveda alvarado director organo normalizacion tecnica. Costa rica road map, costa rica go visit costa rica. Pdf biodiversity conservation in costa rica an animal and plant. Conflicto entre nicaragua y costa rica norberto emmerich.

Gestion ambiental en costa rica historia, actividades, ongs. Look for places and addresses in costa rica with our street and route map. This country is home to about 4% of the species on earth. The extreme diversity is partially explained by the geography of the country. The human development index places it as a highlevel country. Combined safeguards and sub regional capacity building workshop on reddplus, quito, ecuador, 58 july 2011. Pdf this paper is an analysis of the distribution of areas of high species richness. View of costa rica looking northwest as seen from the space shuttle taken.

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